Saint Jude Thaddeus

Patron of the Impossible


I found the above prayer to St. Jude as a little boy, attending daily mass at my Catholic school.  My family, all devout Catholics, were delighted that I had brought home this Novena.  At the time, we were going through a rough patch, with my father very unhappy at work and looking for a new job with little success.  He was a very conservative, honest and caring man, which in someways made it more difficult for him to find the right fit in the business world.  We prayed the Novena to St. Jude as a family, asking that my father would be shown the way to the right opportunity. Within  a matter of a week, he had a wonderful job offer in a new field, where he immediately began to excel.  Over the next twenty five years, he went on to ultimately run a major corporation.   All of this made possible from a prayer found in a church pew by a little boy.  This was my first encounter with the power of Saint Jude.

Over the years various members of my family prayed the Novena to ask for help and guidance.  I have personally prayed this Novena throughout my life and turned to Saint Jude whenever I felt I needed his intercession most.  I have made a Novena to Saint Jude for a happy marriage, for the birth of healthy children, for the reconciliation of family members, for the health of loved ones and most recently for my own health issues.  In each case, Saint Jude has repeatedly worked miracles in situations that have seemed overwhelming and impossible.  My faith in Jesus Christ has been strengthened and the depth of my gratitude cannot be fully expressed.  Saint Jude, working in concert with our Savior, Jesus Christ has blessed me beyond words. 

I urge you to pray this Novena and to share this Novena with friends and loved ones.  Miracle are possible - you need only to believe and give yourself to God and to ask Saint Jude to intercede on your behalf.  You will not be denied.

Once you have received your blessing, find a way to share the word of God and the Novena to Saint Jude and your story as a demonstration of your gratitude.  This website is my humble attempt to praise Jesus Christ and make everyone aware of St. Jude and how he has repeatedly altered the course of my life for the better.  I am forever thankful.


When the situation is most dire, drop to your knees and ask Saint Jude for his intercession on your behalf.  Believe and trust that the Power of Saint Jude and our Savior, Jesus Christ, will be thrust upon you and your request will be granted.

Saint Jude Miracles

Novena to Saint Jude

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised, adored and loved, now and forevermore.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.  St. Jude pray for us.  St. Jude, patron of the impossible, pray for us and grant me my request.

Say this prayer nine times a day for nine days and leave a copy in Church each day.

This Novena is known not to fail!!